"My aches and pains are gone! I can't believe how good I feel every day. Who knew that drinking "green" would make me feel so good! I love my Green2O!" –JF

“I love this "magic green water"!!! So many good things have happened to me since LIV entered into my life! I think the best part is being off of my ADHD medication! Or maybe its my slowed heart rate. It could be that I feel so good all the time. I cannot decide!!!” –Luella P.


"I have dropped 15 total inches and 5% in my total body fat percentage, and approx. 5 lbs. overall, even though I wasn't specifically trying for weight loss." -Jessica T

"I have more energy and feels stronger and am completely off soda!" –Louis T.

"What is  in the Green drink!!!  I was so mineral deficient that when I consumed Green20 - I could not believe the difference it made.  My doctor was focusing on hormone imbalance - but it was the minerals.  I just wanted more - and I don’t do multi- level marketing - But this has changed my life!" - Cheryl Laub,  Owner of the Right Weigh Health Clinic in Heber Utah.



"I have lost over 40 pounds and 6 pants sizes thanks to Liv SXinney and the other Liv products. I feel so good! Everything I do now is easier because I am carrying so much less weight." – Jennifer D. "My irritability is gone and I am able to handle stressful situations calmly. I am proactive instead of reactive, which has given me freedom and a feeling of empowerment."-Shelley S. "My daughter started drinking the Liv SXinney MAX and lost weight so easily! She didn't change anything except what she drank. We love Liv SXinney MAX!" - Sally B.
"I have been sleeping better, had more energy, clearer skin, and I have felt much less hungry than usual! I enjoy eating healthy food and feel full and satisfied throughout the day."-Jessica T

I have lost 135 pounds ! -Ashley R.

"Thanks to the Liv products, I have lost over 100 pounds. I have had the help and support I needed to change my diet, improve my fitness, and feel great! I see Liv products changing people's lives for the better all around me." -G.B.

"I used to experience a form of migraine headaches called "Cluster Headaches". When I was introduced to SXinney Mist, I was amazed at the immediate relief! I now rely on the SXinney Mist whenever I feel the symptoms coming on, and I can stop the migraine. I have not had a full-blown migraine since using the SXinney Mist." -Howard