Green2o is the perfect refreshing beverage for the entire family. Rich in antioxidants, chlorophyllins, and healthy trace minerals, Green2o's alkaline pH balance replaces sports and energy drinks that contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. It is nature's perfect balance to keep your body alkaline balanced and hydrated. If you are like many people who don't drink the 2 liters of water per day as recommended by health professionals, Green2O can be your answer. Carry it with you when you travel. It is convenient and brings you the goodness of nature

"My aches and pains are gone! I can't believe how good I feel every day. Who knew that drinking "green" would make me feel so good! I love my Green2O!" –JF


“I love this "magic green water"!!! So many good things have happened to me since LIV entered into my life! I think the best part is being off of my ADHD medication! Or maybe its my slowed heart rate. It could be that I feel so good all the time. I cannot decide!!!” –Luella P.


"I have dropped 15 total inches and 5% in my total body fat percentage, and approx. 5 lbs. overall, even though I wasn't specifically trying for weight loss." -Jessica T


"I have more energy and feels stronger and am completely off soda!" –Louis T.


"What is  in the Green drink!!!  I was so mineral deficient that when I consumed Green20 - I could not believe the difference it made.  My doctor was focusing on hormone imbalance - but it was the minerals.  I just wanted more - and I don’t do multi- level marketing - But this has changed my life!" - Cheryl Laub,  Owner of the Right Weigh Health Clinic in Heber Utah.