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With this Utah weather inversion (low clouds/no sun/cold temperatures) hanging over me, I could be one of the 41.6 percent of the U.S. population has deficient blood levels of vitamin D.  We normally get vitamin D from sun exposure on our skin. 

Since Hawaii, Arizona, California and Florida included in the study, I’m almost sure that the figures for Utah are much higher.  What’s the big deal?


I just read an article which listed 15 science-based benefits linked to vitamin D.  Here they are: 


inversion1. Improves bone health  (I don’t really think about that, but my Mom had osteoporosis)

2. Reduces diabetes risk in children and adults (doesn’t run in my family, so I’m not worried)

3. Could improve heart health  (Grandpa died of a heart attack at 60)

4. May lower your risk of certain cancers (No history, but scary none the less)

5. May reduce the risk of premature death (certainly I don’t want that to happen)

6. Diminishes symptoms of depression (not a problem)

7. Increases Muscle Strength  (could use that benefit)

8. May help prevent and treat multiple sclerosis 

9.Fewer asthma attacks 

10. Prevention of the common cold 

11. Improved recovery from surgery

12. Reduction of chronic pain 

13. Promotion of healthy births (Not applicable Smile

14. Protection against Parkinson's disease  (my Mom had Parkinson’s)

15. Reduction in age-related mental decline (my #1 concern, so I get my Vitamin D in my daily capsules of Liv Smart)


The inversion may be a good reminder, but certainly most of us could benefit year round from a healthy Vitamin D source.

So, here’s to the dreary inversion of winter.  You may take away my sunshine, but you won’t deprive me of my vitamin D.  I take my Liv Smart every day-- not only for the nootropics, but also because it contains 5000 units of Vitamin D. 

For me it is a good insurance plan—and much less expensive than getting any of the problems mentioned in the article.  (More info


To read the full article go to:

I was talking with an acquaintance recently and he told me that he loved his hamburgers, fries and soda.  He loved ice cream and all types of desserts.  He wasn’t about to change his diet. 

cheeseburger menu“What can you do for me?” was his question. 

I didn’t have a good answer, but I was reminded of a book entitled  If You Can’t/Won’t Stop Smoking.  It was written by Dr. James Scala, a wonderful man

who I had the privilege of working with for several years.  Dr. Scala’s book recommended additional nutrients--especially antioxidants for people who chose to smoke.  

When I met Dr. Scala I thought that was an odd subject, but as I have come to realize, many—in fact most people aren’t willing to change, whether it be to stop smoking or eat a healthy diet. 


Today I saw a recently published article*  on the benefits of resveratrol on monkeys that were fed a high fat, high sugar diet (sounds like the typical American diet). 

The study concluded, ”supplements of resveratrol may improve energy metabolism, cell signaling pathways, and neurotransmission in monkeys eating a high fat and sugar Western diet”. 


The study went on to say “Resveratrol’s greatest effects reportedly occur within a metabolically impaired state such as obesity and diabetes”.  Supplements aren’t the answer to a poor diet,

but certainly they may provide benefit---especially if one isn’t ready to eat a healthy diet.  Green2obottlegirl

I didn’t formulate Liv products for people that eat the perfect diet.  I made it for the rest of us. 


So if you “Can’t/Won’t Stop Eating a Diet of Sugar and Fat”, have another piece of cake…but maybe wash it down with some healthy Green2o®**. 

*Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry volume 39, pgs 169-179

**Green2o® is  Liv International’s healthy alkaline hydration instant drink that contains resveratrol, antioxidants, chlorophyll, fiber and plant minerals.

Life is full of changes and challenges. It reminded me of a quote from Albert Einstein about willingness to change and overcome any CHALLENGE or CRISIS in life.


clip_image002“Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation. For all crises bring progress.

Who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without getting overcome. Who blames his failure to a crisis neglects his own talent,

and is more respectful to problems than to solutions. Incompetence is the true crisis….

It’s in the crisis where we can show the very best in us. Without a crisis, any wind becomes a tender touch….. Let us work hard instead.

Let us stop, once and for all, the menacing crisis that represents the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it.”


Great words from a rather smart guy.

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?  Here is a photo to provide a little incentive.  I’m holding 5 pounds of fat. 

clip_image002 Perhaps one of your resolutions is to get in better shape.  A person that weighs 150 pounds and in average shape (not obese) would be carrying around about 8 of these. A 200 pound obese person (min fat 30% to be considered obese) would carry at least 12 with them all the time.  Next time you don’t think that the extra weight is hard on you, grab a 20 pound sack or rice and carry it up the stairs, or put it in a backpack and carry it around for a day.    Not to mention that the fat starts to plug up your circulatory system and is associated with a myriad of health concerns. 


If getting in better shape wasn’t on your list, look at the 5 pounds of fat and think….Can I get a little better?  

Here’s to 2016 and Living Life Well.

No matter how slow you go you are still lapping everybody on the couch

Seen a great meme lately?  

I love memes.  Words wisdom, hilarity, encouragement, and deep thoughts—even memes that my kids send me about goofy dads—that seem to always apply to me.  I guess we all aren’t so different.  
The best thing about memes is that reading a meme can change my outlook in less than 10 seconds.
Recently I saw the following meme on Facebook.  

No matter where you are in life, keep moving forward with hope.  The real joy lies in moving forward.

What is your hope for 2016?  Liv Life Well     


It’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life. We all have busy schedules and weekly routines that have a tendency to put the brain on autopilot.

Some of life’s essential truths need repeating. I keep this list handy that I read on and give it a read any time I need a boost. 

It was written by Travis Bradberry, Author of 'Emotional Intelligence 2.0’.  I’d love to hear your comments.  It’s called:

10 Truths We Forget Too Easily


Look at everyone around you. They all seem so busy—running from meeting to meeting and firing off emails. Yet how many of them are really producing, really succeeding at a high level?

Success doesn’t come from movement and activity. It comes from focus—from ensuring that your time is used efficiently and productively.

You get the same number of hours in the day as everyone else. Use yours wisely. After all, you’re the product of your output, not your effort. Make certain your efforts are dedicated to tasks that get results.


You will never experience true success until you learn to embrace failure. Your mistakes pave the way for you to succeed by revealing when you’re on the wrong path.

The biggest breakthroughs typically come when you’re feeling the most frustrated and the most stuck. It’s this frustration that forces you to think differently, to look outside the box and see the solution that you’ve been missing.

Success takes patience and the ability to maintain a good attitude even while suffering for what you believe in.


When it’s all said and done, you will lament the chances you didn’t take far more than you will your failures. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

I often hear people say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Will it kill you?” Yet, death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.

The worst thing that can happen to you is allowing yourself to die inside while you’re still alive.


When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from comparing yourself to others, you are no longer the master of your own destiny. When you feel good about something that you’ve done, don’t allow anyone’s opinions or accomplishments to take that away from you.

While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to compare yourself to others, and you can always take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. That way, no matter what other people are thinking or doing, your self-worth comes from within. Regardless of what people think of you at any particular moment, one thing is certain—you’re never as good or bad as they say you are.


You should strive to surround yourself with people who inspire you, people who make you want to be better. And you probably do. But what about the people who drag you down? Why do you allow them to be a part of your life?

Anyone who makes you feel worthless, anxious, or uninspired is wasting your time and, quite possibly, making you more like them. Life is too short to associate with people like this. Cut them loose.


None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Yet, when someone dies unexpectedly it causes us to take stock of our own life: what’s really important, how we spend our time, and how we treat other people.

Loss is a raw, visceral reminder of the frailty of life. It shouldn’t be.

Remind yourself every morning when you wake up that each day is a gift and you’re bound to make the most of the blessing you’ve been given. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing is the moment it will start acting like one.

After all, a great day begins with a great mindset.


Life goes a lot smoother once you let go of grudges and forgive even those who never said they were sorry. Grudges let negative events from your past ruin today’s happiness. Hate and anger are emotional parasites that destroy your joy in life.

The negative emotions that come with holding on to a grudge create a stress response in your body, and holding on to stress can have devastating health consequences. Researchers at Emory University have shown that holding on to stress contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease.

When you forgive someone, it doesn’t condone their actions; it simply frees you from being their eternal victim.


You are not a victim of circumstance. No one can force you to make decisions and take actions that run contrary to your values and aspirations.

The circumstances you’re living in today are your own—you created them. Likewise, your future is entirely up to you. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s probably because you’re afraid to take the risks necessary to achieve your goals and live your dreams.

When it’s time to take action, remember that it’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than at the top of one you don’t.


You can’t reach your full potential until you learn to live your life in the present.

No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. It’s impossible to be happy if you’re constantly somewhere else, unable to fully embrace the reality (good or bad) of this very moment.

To help yourself live in the moment, you must do two things:

1) Accept your past. If you don’t make peace with your past, it will never leave you and, in doing so, it will create your future.

2) Accept the uncertainty of the future. Worry has no place in the here and now. As Mark Twain once said, “Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”


Only when you embrace change can you find the good in it. You need to have an open mind and open arms if you’re going to recognize, and capitalize on, the opportunities that change creates.

You’re bound to fail when you keep doing the same things you always have in the hope that ignoring change will make it go away.

After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Life doesn’t stop for anyone. When things are going well, appreciate them and enjoy them, as they are bound to change. If you are always searching for something more, something better, that you think is going to make you happy, you’ll never be present enough to enjoy the great moments before they’re gone.

I'm heading to Las Vegas and then to Phoenix to get together with friends and business partners. It should be a fun week.
The lure of Vegas is pretty incredible The chance to win big on a roll of the dice. Fast and easy money.
Most people will lose--gambling in Vegas, although they may be very well entertained in the process.
I was thinking about my health—now more than ever as I get older.  Every day I roll the dice with my health. The exercise I do (or don't do).  The things I choose to put into my body (healthy or unhealthy). 

Are you gambling your healthy future away?  Poor health habits are easy and often entertaining.  When we roll the dice with risky health practices, eventually we will pay the price.  The odds are stacked against us.

Every day I meet people that have gambled away their health with bad choices for years. Some hope to roll the dice for a quick fix with the "miracle cure".  Getting healthy is a daily choice.  Good food, exercise and good supplements.

Don't gamble away your health. Make good daily choices and Liv Life Well.

I was reading the book “Twelve Pillars” by Jim Rohn.  Each time it seems that something jumps out at me that I need to focus on.  That’s why I have read it multiple times.  I was impressed with the following:  “Who you hang around with will be a major determining factor in what your attitude becomes.  I have never seen anyone who was successful who spent much time with people who have bad attitudes.  They surround themselves with winners, optimists and with positive attitudes”.

He continued “leaving people behind is hard, I know.  Life is a long journey and we meet people all along the way.  Some people will go the whole journey with us.  Some will only take portions of the journey with us.  Some will join us for a long time.  Others will come and go….imagine if you were on a trip and someone started out with you but wasn’t much help.  Would you want them to continue on the journey with you?  Of course not.  We have the freedom---and responsibility—to determine who we associate with, and that will have a big impact on how well our journey goes.”

 Photo Aug 16, 7 48 01
 Thanks to my friends and business partners for making my life a wonderful and enjoyable journey.    


I spent an hour last year at the nursery picking out the perfect apple tree which had branches growing out equally on all sides. After examining about 100 trees I picked the perfect one.

I took it home and planted it in the perfect location, setup the drip irrigation system, fertilized and prepped the soil.

I was happy to see it begin to grow this spring with new leaves and little branches. It was the perfect tree. However last night a deer or multiple deer came in and chewed off one side of the tree broke several branches and left only the top few leaves on my Apple tree. I was mad.  How could they do that to my perfect tree.

I was brought back to reality quickly when I thought about how the early Utah pioneers felt when swarms of locust came in and started eating up the crops that they had worked so hard to plant and care for. My great-great grandma was one of those early pioneers.  Although I grew up in California, I was told the story many times by my mom.  For them, the crops meant life or death. I was mad about one little apple tree.  

I thought about how in spite of our best efforts things don't always turn out according to our plans.  “Deer” sometimes seem to get in the way.  I’m glad to have an apple tree.  With some careful attention and we will have apples on our tree some day.


I’m in the airport in SLC awaiting my flight to Honolulu.  I just flew in from Northern California, where I had a great week of open houses with wonderful people.  Special thanks to Nancy and Paul Clemens, Stan Padilla, Cosme and Cherylann Castanieto for hosting and making arrangements for me to meet with their friends and neighbors.  I am always energized when I get to hear people share their stories of improved health and success in sharing Liv.

The most impressive thing that I experienced during our get togethers is that their missions in life are to share, assist, heal and bring much good into the world.  I am so happy to be a part of that mission.  Here is a picture on my way to the beautiful mountain settings we had for our events.

 photo (2)

As I get ready to board the plane to Hawaii, I know that I will be meeting again with friends and associates that share the same goals, ideals and desire to serve others. Ok, it’s Hawaii, and who wouldn’t be excited to go there, but I’d meet these people anywhere on the planet they are so great.  I’m looking forward to  seeing Shadiya,  MaryLou, Malcolm, Amy, Sandy, Wanda, Jerry, Debbie, Ollie, Krissy and the many other Hawaii team leaders.  Thanks in advance for the preparations that they have made for my visit.

I am so blessed to be a part of a business who’s goal is to help people get a little better each day, and to share that goal with so many wonderful people.

If you have ever doubted yourself or just want a great boost to your spirit, check out Hawaii mayor Billy Kenoi’s short address to the HPU 2014 graduating class.  It is very inspiring and entertaining.  Enjoy, and Aloha.