Corporate Information

There are substantive and unique qualities that make Liv International truly unique and set it apart from others in its industry.  Liv’s mission, products, executive team, and financial foundation are exceptional and compelling. 

Liv’s mission is to provide the products, tools, compensation plan, and leadership that enable its rapidly growing base of members to significantly improve their health, energy, appearance, and to become more prosperous.   Liv encourages and assists its people to continually grow intellectually, become more confident, develop better skills, and build and serve others more effectively.  The people who are attracted to Liv and its philosophy and lifestyle become better people and learn to “Liv Life Well”.

The norm in most network marketing companies is to develop a select group of 20 to 30 of their members into multi-millionaires while the vast remaining majority never attain comfortable lifestyles.  Liv's objective is to assist thousands of its members to earn cars paid for by the company, become debt free and financially independent because their Liv businesses consistently earn hundreds of thousands each year. 

 Liv International is led by seasoned and experienced executives who have developed proven track records of prosperous performance in the industry.  Their decades of time in the network marketing industry have made them experts at formulating products that work and developing compensation and training systems that enable their members to excel and prosper.  The financial base of the company is broad and deep.  Its fifty founding investors are comprised of high net worth individuals and financial groups based principally in New York, Park City, Utah and the intermountain west. They are experts in the finance and investment industries with a collective net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars.