Jeff Tuttle

CEO and product formulator Jeff Tuttle has over 30 years in network marketing. He has formulated hundreds of products which are sold around the world. His vision is to create a global community of people seeking optimum health and personal freedom. “My goal for Liv International is simple, I want everyone to Liv Life Well. I believe that for a person to enjoy an optimum life, they must have the best in all areas of their life: health, personal growth, freedom, and financial security. “In creating products over the years I experienced that not all people following the same regimen have the same results. I have found that there is a strong tie with a person’s genetic makeup. That lead me on a quest to find how we could find a solution that truly worked for everyone. What I discovered is truly a breakthrough in personal health.”

Kurt Johnsen

Kurt Johnsen is the CEO and visionary of Simplified Genetics. Kurt has been involved in fitness and wellness for over 20 years. He is a lifelong martial artist, the creator of American Power Yoga and hosted the popular show Yoga for Life. “Being in the fitness industry for so long I have learned one thing to be true. There is not one healthy diet, or exercise program or supplement regimen that works for everyone. I wanted to know why, and that desire led me to create Simplified Genetics and Simply Fit. We now can answer the big three questions that I was asked for years and years by my students. What should I do? What should I eat? What should I take? We now can provide the answer to all three questions.”

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