Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order?
You may order through your Virtual Store. You may also call, fax, or email Customer Service.

2. In what currency am I purchasing?
You will be purchasing in USD. You are responsible for knowing and understanding conversion rates from USD to NZD.

3. How much does shipping cost?
Shipping from the US to NZ is $30USD flat rate shipping.

4. How long will it take my product to ship?
If products are ordered during regularly scheduled business hours, we will ship the same day. If products are ordered after business hours, we will ship the next business day. We ship to New Zealand through the United States Postal Service. Please expect 2-3 weeks delivery time.

5. Will I be charged Customs?
You may be charged customs on orders equal to or over $400 NZD (this price includes the cost of shipping).

6. How will I be paid commissions?
You will be paid via paper check or ProPay. There is a minimum balance of $20 USD for commissions to be paid and there is a $5 processing fee per check written. In order to avoid this fee, please set up your ProPay.

7. How do I set up my ProPay?
You will need to send two forms of identification directly to ProPay. You can find their contact information here:

8. How do I contact Customer Service?
At Liv International, we always want to provide a convenient and inexpensive way for you to contact us. If you wish to contact us by telephone, tolls from your phone provider may apply. If you are calling from a cell phone, please keep in mind that         you must have international dialing access to make the call. You may also email Customer Service to schedule an appointment so one of our friendly Customer Service Specialists may call you at your convenience.

Phone: 0011-1-877-449-9666      Fax: 0011-1-888-683-2987

9. How do I sign up?
Please print a paper application and fill it out with a dark pen. You may then fax the document or take a picture and email the application to Customer Service. You can find the paper application here: