As a young boy I was always fascinated with science.  While studying about the native Americans, I learned that they ground up and ate acorns as a nutrition source and became curious about what I could create from the acorns that were produced by the large oak tree in our back yard. I worked hard to peel, boil and grind up the acorns into a fine meal. But no matter how I tried to flavor the acorn meal by mixing it with other ingredients, I just couldn’t make it taste good.   I knew that the acorn meal was healthy, but because it didn’t taste good, I never ate it.  That experience has helped me over the years to design successful products.  I have learned that no matter how healthy a product may be, it must taste good and be easy to use or it will not be a health solution for most people.

At age 19 I served a 2 year church mission in Peru, where I saw the healers with their herbs spread out on blankets on the ground. Through the wise application of herbs and natural remedies these healers were able to help many of the Peruvian people overcome their health problems.  I became intrigued at the healing power nature has put into its wonderful array of plants and herbs.

When I returned to the United States I continued with my university studies in microbiology and chemistry.  While a student I was fortunate to play on the university volleyball team where I was trained by a US Olympic volley ball coach.  He taught me that success in volleyball is all about the basics ….consistently practicing and applying the basic skills of the game. My studies in school taught me that, just like in volleyball, good health is all about the basics ….the quality and amount of the food we put into our bodies each day.

After graduating from BYU I accepted a position with Nature’s Sunshine Products and took on the task to establish a quality and research laboratory.  There I researched and developed products and conducted quality control testing to ensure that our products were formulated from the most pure and effective ingredients.  Over the next 30 years I researched and designed over 100 products that continue to be distributed throughout the world in over 60 countries and that have generated billions of dollars in sales over the years.

When approached about organizing a new company I was excited by the challenge.  As founders we decided that the goals of the new company would be to develop natural products that taste good, are scientifically based, that everyone can use and that are “category creators”… products that no other company has.  We decided that our products had to meet the most important needs of our fast paced and over-stressed society.  Today, our Liv product line effectively addresses society’s most common health and wellness concerns such as energy, mental acuity, cleansing and weight management.

A number of our Liv products have been developed to resolve challenges that have heavily impacted me and my family and many others throughout the world.  My father, for example, who is highly educated and who was an accomplished leader in the military and academic fields, began to suffer from mental decline a couple of years ago.  It was heart breaking to see such a good and brilliant man lose so much of his mental capacity so rapidly. His condition and challenges motivated me to spend months studying the science of natural nootropics, the herbal components that enhance mental capacity.  That effort resulted in my development of “Liv Smart”, a product that benefits the entire family by strengthening the brain and that has produced amazing results since it was recently launched.

 We also got together with the top minds in the industry and created a balanced compensation plan that rewards those who share and use the products.  As executive founders we had seen many compensation plans that only reward the top few, or require large individual monthly purchases, or make it difficult for leaders to earn money. Livs’ plan is balanced and generous.

My personal goal at Liv International is simple  “I want the best for everyone”.  The best ingredients.  Study our formulas. The best earnings for our leaders.  Check out our compensation plan.  The best education.  Check out Liv University.  I believe that for a person to enjoy an optimum life, they must have the best in all areas of their life, from health, to freedom, to financial security.  Livs’ Motto sums up my personal quest in give everyone the opportunity to truly Liv Life Well.

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