I attracted LIV into my life because I was very sick!!! I had spent over 25 years in the design/building industry and definitely inhaled way too many toxic paints and other goodies so I had health issues all along the way and 3 major moments at least once in my late 20s, mid 30s and again late 40s. When LIV showed up at my Art and Dance studio here in Hawaii, I was looking for something to help me with my sugar addiction...I didn't quite know what was wrong and didn't like western medicine. My eldest sister Malia died of cancer 5 years before and I was scared! I knew I had to find something natural that would help me! I was going down fast, so when LIV showed up I was open and broken on many levels! Most folks who knew me at the time would not have known that because I was an expert at hiding those facts and just trudging along! I never drank water!!!

What attracted you to LIV?
Of course the great taste and effectiveness of LIVs products are what initially attracted me to them but it was meeting Jeff and understanding his vision, passion and aloha for me that really helped me make the commitment! I had never met anyone so consistently kind and for real in this industry as Jeff Tuttle and he was the Formulator and the CEO of LIV so I knew he had a deep commitment to keeping the culture of LIV real...And could formulate anything he wanted for LIV. I had been around network marketing things since my early twenties and I never stopped believing in the model and enjoyed many great natural products on the ride...I love people and turning them on to products; things that can help serve others was my passion.
What are your favorite things about LIV?
So my favorite thing (person) about LIV is Jeff and his dedication to always being open to making the process better, more fun and abundant for all!!! He is why I am with LIV and the LIV culture is fun, inclusive and caring as well!!
You’ve been with LIV since the early days. What keeps you going?
What keeps me going is being able to see the growth in all of us over the years!!! The desire of Jeff and LIV international to always be open to shifting and letting go. It’s only going to get more amazing!!!
Tell us about your team:
I love my LIV Hawaii team because they are my family that I have chosen for this journey!!! Network marketing allows us to pick folks that we want to play and work with. We get to support and uplift each other!!! They are the most fun group I know on this planet, full of super caring healers and hard working visionaries. They love serving people and have a fun time doing it. I have yoga instructors, zumba dancers, musicians, artists, healers and more!!! This journey would not be one without them and I am so grateful to all of them for changing my life and being on this journey together is such a gift!
What advice can you give to the new members of the Liv family?
To know that it is the right place for you and it came to you to serve you so you can serve others!!! I did not want to do this business until I transformed and saw my body, mind and spirit shift and I started to really believe in me. The journey was about me getting myself aligned and healthy! We don’t have to be perfect but being connected to all the LIV products, going to as many of the trainings (even from Hawaii), and having this personal growth over the years and not giving up was the key!! Have fun, learn and share and believe in yourself and those you introduce!! Your conviction will be contagious!!! It's all about relationships to self and others!!

Can you offer any advice to anyone who is thinking about joining Liv?
To me thinking about joining LIV is a no brainer!! No Thinking required. How did you feel when you drank the Green2o for the first time? Or who was the person who shared it with you the first time? We care for real about your well being and I didn’t drink water properly my entire life and I was about to die a terrible death had I not been introduced by someone who cared!! You attracted it for a reason so go with it and if you are a consumer that's the best because we are all creating satisfied distribution centers of customers all over the world!!! Most of us started that way and made the decision to help others when it helped us!!! It's our responsibility to share when we have been gifted products and a company like this!!
Any concluding thoughts?
I started over 8 years ago during formulation and had I quit I would not be reaping the benefits of personally growing with this company and also being financially blessed as well. I can't thank my whole LIV Ohana family enough for hanging in there with me! Being in Hawaii (paradise as Jeff calls it) we have had our many challenges!! Go look at a map and you can see how really isolated we are!! But staying connected and caring for what I have been gifted is my responsibility. So we have risen above the challenges and have been mentored by the best!! This journey is a deep letting go of my own fears of not being good enough and rising to a happy vibration of love for myself and others!! I feel peaceful, excited, grateful and so fortunate to be in business with the best folks of my life!! So much to say but only LIVing and Loving left to do.